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As I wrote a few weeks ago, I'm listing the beers and ciders I'm drinking this year. New since last are:

Anchor Porter
Archer's Best
Black Forest (Saranac, bottle)
Blackthorn Cider
Carlsberg Export (bottle)
Carlsberg Hof (draught)
Dale's Pale Ale (Oskar Blues, can)
Fuller's Vintage Ale 2005
Grolsch (bottle)
Grolsch (draught)
Guinness (draught)
Harvest Pale (Castle Rock)
Kilkenny (bottle)
London Porter (Fuller's, draught)
London Pride (Fuller's, draught)
Monkey Wrench Strong Ale (Daleside)
Norman's Conquest (Cottage Brewing, draught)
Old Hooky (Hook Norton, draught)
Old Speckled Hen (draught)
Ommegang Abbey Ale
Paradox Islay (Brewdog)
Penny Black Porter (Hampshire, draught)
Punk IPA (Brewdog)
Schiehallion (Harviestoun, draught)
Sign of Spring (Stonehenge, draught)
Spitfire (Shepherd's Neame, draught)
Stallhagens Påsk (bottle)
Stiegl Pilz (Stiegl, draught)
Stiegl Weizengold (Stiegl, bottle)
Summer Lightning (Hop Back Brewery, draught)
Youngs' Bitter (draught)

Disappointments? Well, I'm not mentioning the crap I drank because of a lack of choice, like Kilkenny and Carlsberg. They were bad, but I knew they would be. The Ommegang was probably too young to impress, let's see in a year what time does to it. The Monkey Wrench was OK, but tasted a lot less than I expected. The Fuller's Vintage was too smooth and polished, no bite to it. The yummiest one was the Schiehallion and the most intense one was Paradox Islay. Lovely peat in that one. And the Punk IPA was very hoppy, but on the right side the border. (No, not that border.)
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