Census meme

Mar. 9th, 2011 02:57 pm
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There's a meme infecting my Commonwealth friends right now, as the UK census draws nigh. As it's quite fun to read the responses, I'll join in.

2011 Living with [livejournal.com profile] jlms in a detached house in Storvreta, six miles north of Uppsala, with one cat, Cassandra, her sister having died from kidney failure the summer before. The main reason we bought the house was that it has a large room at the back of the house which was ideal for our library. I work as a technical writer at a software company. It's a job I feel comfortable in and the pay is OK.

2001 Living with [livejournal.com profile] jlms in a two bedroom room flat in central Uppsala. We have two 8-months-old kittens, Bonadea and Cassandra, to brighten our lives. We've been married for almost three years. Since a year and a half I no longer commute to Stockholm, having switched to a job in Uppsala as a technical writer at the same software company I'm working at ten years later, but at this time I feel out of my depth. We're hunting for a larger flat or possibly a house, because we feel we need more space, in particular for our books.

1991 Living with my fiancée K. in a small student's flat in Uppsala, thinking of finding somewhere larger to live now that we both have jobs and will be getting married in the summer. I commute to Stockholm where I work as an editor at a games company, editing board games, family games, role-playing games, and fantasy novels. I quite enoy it, but it's very poorly paid.

1981 Living with my mum and my sister in a rather old and charming flat in central Strängnäs, where I attend the Science programme of the local grammar school, although I'm really more interested in languages and history. The passion of my life is Dungeons & Dragons, having discovered role-playing games the year before, and I play several hours a week with a small group of friends.

1971 Living with my quite recently divorced mum and my sister in a flat in a modern housing estate in Strängnäs; they are still building it. I'm a pre-schooler, set to start school in the autumn. I know that I will be a comics artist when I grow up; my favourite comic is Tintin.

1961 I think my parents have just met or are just about to meet, in Katrineholm, where my dad works as a chef and my mum either is an apprentice photographer about to take over the studio where she is working or has just taken it over. She will give up that career when she gets pregnant with me two years later.
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